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Welcome to the land of Maharashtra
This is indeed Maha Rashtra - A nation within a state. A state as diverse as Maharashtra that the whole of India resides in it. You find peaks of Sahyadri, Pristine Beaches and vast pastures of greenery here. With entire western border blessed with coastline, the beaches here are virgin and unexplored. A land blessed with Saints and Culture. Where different opinion, views and beliefs are respected and shared. The mind  boggling carvings at Ajanta Ellora makes you question your belief. This is Maharashtra for you.

Welcome to Durg Vaibhav. A site dedicated to this great land. We are focussing on the lost grandeur of the State. The impregnable forts, which once guarded the frontiers of Maharashtra. The rulers here once stood firmly behind the Empire of Delhi. A State embedded with land, hill and sea fort, built by visionary ruler Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.  

We aim to provide one stop information source to our visitors about these forts of Maharashtra.

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Jai Maharashtra

Warriors of Shivaji Maharaj

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