Anna Dattoji

Anaji Datto (Chief of Kokan Region)

Anaji was initially appointed as "Vaknis" in the year of 1661. Later in August 1662, he was promoted to the post of Soornis. In 1673, Anaji Datto & Kondaji Farzand conquered Panhala. This was a very famous conquered as the attack was so well planned that even before Killedar of Panhala could realize that he had been attacked, Kondaji's men had captured gates of the fort.Anaji was waiting for Kondaji's signal & immediately reached into the fort on Kondaji's signal. The Panhala was conquered successfully by this duo.

In 1674, Anaji tried to conquer fort Fonda with his 3000 men but the mission failed due to bravado of Killedar Mohammad Khan. Later on in 1675 Shivaji Maharaj himself carried out mission of Fonda with Anaji & successfully conquered the fort. In 1674, at the time of coronation of Shivaji Maharaj, 

Anaji was given responsibility of Kokan region. In 1677, Anaji accompanied shivaji in his Deccan expedition.

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