The fort is said to have been originally built by Singhan ruler of Devgiri (1210-47).[Shivaji Souvenir-Marathi Section page 82.]

The fort was repaired by Shivaji about 1676, and it sustained an attack from Fattesingh Mane in 1805 then camped at Rahimatpur.

How to Reach
Bhusangad (Khatav T; RS Rahimatpur 22 m. NW; p. 713) in Khatav about eleven miles south-west of Vaduj is a roughly oval solitary hill rising about 600 feet above the surrounding plain. On the north-west half down the slope are a number of houses which were mostly inhabited by Brahmans formerly attached to the fort garrison. In recent times most of the Brahman families have left for other places to seek service and business. The ground above the fort slopes towards the top. Except near the gateway on the north-east the walls are of light masonry. The fort wall stands in a decayed condition.  The ascent is easy. Bhushangad is not commanded by any hill within five miles.

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