Chakan Fort

The fort is very old but records related to the fort are available only from 1443. Then the fort was with Bahamani kings. In 1595, the fort was given to Shivaji’s Grandfather Maloji Bhosle by Bahadurshah of Ahemadnagar. In 1648, Killedar Firangoji Narsala submitted to services of Shivaji & the fort came to Maratha Kingdom.

In 1672, Shaistekhan besieged the fort. The battled lasted for four months & Firangoji kept the fort away from the reach of Mughals. Finally Shaistekhan used landmine to destroy the wall & then Firangoji had to surrender the fort

Places of Interest 
In older times, the fortification was very strong. The fort was protected by walls from all the four sides. Many vigilance towers(Buruj) were constructed in this wall.

The fort was surrounded by Huge canal which used to be filled with water always for protecting the fort.

Currently the fort is in very bad shape & most of the structures are destroyed

How to Reach
Chakan is near Pune city. One can take bus or even cab to reach Chakan. It is just 30 Kms away from Pune.

The fort is on the ground & was in a square shaped.

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