Chavand Fort

Nizamshah Malik Ahemad conquered this fort in the year 1487. Bahadurshah, son of second Burhan Nizamshah was imprisoned on this fort for one year in 1594. In 1637, Shahjiraje Bhosle gave this fort to Mughal emperor.

In 1818, When Maraths defeated by British troops, British troops destroyed the protective walls of the fort.

Places of Interest 
There are three carved caves on the fort.

A temple of goddess Chavdai is on the top of the fort. The temple is very small but the statue of the goddess is beautiful.

One can find 7 water tanks on the top arranged like a maze

How to Reach
The fort is situated on the left side of Junner – Ghatghar road. It is around 8-9 kms from Hadsar fort.

The way to the fort goes through base village called chavand.

Chavand is tricky to climb as all four sides are wall alike. Few years ago people had to climb this patch using rope but now fencing work is done in some places, still one has to be familiar with mountaineering.

Once this patch is over, one can find steps carved in rocks. After these steps one can reach the rock carved entrance of the fort.

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