Harihar Fort

Harihar Fort
Grade : Medium          
Height : 3676 feet

A unique fort built on a triangular prism of rock. Its three faces and two edges are absolutely vertical. The third is slopes at an angle of about 75 degrees and is perfectly vertical for about 200 feet. A one meter wide rocky staircase is cut into this slope. On the top is a small temple and a cave with water. Both UTWAD and BASGAD can easily be approached from the base of this fort.

How to Reach :
Reach KASARA Railway station. Proceed towards VIHIGAON, KHODALA (31 Kms), SHRIGHAT (7 Kms), DEVGAON Phata (3 Kms) and then along the banks of the Upper VAITARNA lake to NIRGUDPADA or KOTUMB Pada (14 Kms) at the base

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