Lohgad Fort

Type:Hill Fort
Base Village:Bhaje

The fort is very old & has witnessed many rules like Satvahan, Chalukya, Rashtrakut, Yadav, Nizamshahi & the Maratha rule. In 1489, Malik Ahemad conquered the fort. Second Burhanshah of Ahemadnagar was imprisoned on this fort for some days. In 1648, Shivaji conquered the fort. Shivaji had to surrender this fort after purander treaty to Mughals. In 1670, Brave Mavle of Shivaji took the fort back from Mughals. In Peshwai period, Dhondopant Nitsure was caretaker of the fort. After defeat of Maratha empire in 1818, British troops were holding the fort till 1845.

Places of Interest 
The most interesting portion is structure of four gates which one needs to cross to reach the top. It’s a very unique & intelligently built structure to safeguard the fort. One can find remaining parts of  Killedar’s residence. There is a cave of Lomesh rishi on the top of the fort where he use to stay for “Dhyan”. One can also see the well constructed by Nana Fadnis in 1711. Vinchu Kada is must see place. One can see a beautiful view of valwan & Fagne dam & strong forts like Tung, Tikona, Visapur, Kuwarigad from the highest spot of Lohgad.

How to Reach
One can descend down by train at Malavali (Its next station after Lonavala when traveling to Pune). From Malavali, one can reach village called Bhaje. From here one can see Bhaje caves on the left & on the right the road to Lohgad is prominent. One has to cross some distance to reach a a road traveling upward, on the left is Visapur fort & towards right is the way to Lohgad. The way to the top is pretty easy to climb. On crossing 4 gates built by rocks, one can reach top of the fort


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