Manikpunj Fort

Type:Hill Fort

Places of Interest 
There was a wall & gate but they are in ruins now

How to Reach
Manikpunj is a ruined uninhabited fort, 9.65 km. (six miles) south of Nandgaon and about 3.21 km, (two miles) north­west of the Kasarbari pass. Captain Briggs who visited the fort in 1818 describes it as a very low hill with an easy ascent. He noticed two miserable, looking gates and a bad wall running round the hill except for a space of about forty yards (36.47 metres), where the scarp was steep enough not to require fortifications, The wall as well as the gates are in ruins now. A large unfortified rock rose out of the middle of the fort, and filled the whole space, except a road of about fifteen paces all round between it and the wall. The water-supply was ample and continues to be so, in 1827 Clunes notes that Manikpunj fort was abandoned. In 1862 it was described as a natural stronghold provided with cisterns, Here is located the village of Manikpunj with 908 souls in 1971.

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