Base Village:Purngad

Places of Interest 
On the top of the hill is the small square fort of Purngad without outworks, covering an area of twenty-two acres. Under the Peshva's government no revenue was exacted from fields within the fort as they were brought into cultivation by fort men, gadkaris. At present (1959) nothing remains of the fort except its outer wall in a dilapidated condition. Even at high tide, the river admits only very small coasting crafts, which ply as far as Satavali, about 12 miles inland.

How to Reach
Purngad (Ratnagiri), is a village on the brow of a barren point at the mouth of the Muchkundi river, twelve miles south of Ratnagiri, used wrongly to be called Rajapur. The nearest railway station is Kolhapur, 95 miles to the south-east. Purngad is a small port with little trade.


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