Tung Fort

Type:Hill Fort
Base Village:Tungvadi

In 1657, it became a part of Maratha Kingdom with all other forts situated in Maval region. In 1665, Jaysingh invaded this region. Dilerkhan and others destroyed the villages around Tung & Tikona, but were unable to conquer these forts.

Then, according to Treaty of Purandar (signed on 12th June 1665), Kubadkhan with Halalkhan and others took over fort . 

Places of Interest 
After entering the fort, one can see the fort office. One can see Temple of goddess Tungai on the top. The view of surrounding from Balekilla is beautiful

How to Reach
One has to cross Pavana river by launch from Ambegoan to reach the base village Tungi. One can pass the Umber trees in Tungi village to reach the way to the fort. The route is quite steep & there is a single entrance gate to reach the fort

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