Vichitragad / Rohida

Vichitragad (Rohida)
Type:Hill Fort
Base Village:Bajarwadi

In the times of Shivaji, Jedhe & Khopde were very closely related to the fort. Then the fort was with Raja’s of Bhor. When the fort was with Bhor the basic hygiene was maintained, but since it was taken under by government the fort is totally neglected.  

Places of  Interest 
For those who are interested in studying the fortification & older scripts, the scripting on gates & carving would be of interest though most of them are on the verge of vanishing. One can see ancient office & meeting room on the top. There is a temple of lord Bhairav on the fort. The lighttower (Deepmaal) & scripts carved on the rocks can be seen here. Only few vigilance towers are still remaining, but very little portion of protective wall exists.

How to Reach
The fort is just 10 Kms away from Bhor(Pune). One has to reach small village called Bajarwadi. The climb for fort starts towards western end of the village. The way to the fort is not so difficult to climb. One has to cross three gates to reach the fort. The fort is small in size & one can see the entire fort in an hour or two.

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