Ramgad Fort

Type:Ground Fort
Base Village: Ramgad, Malvan

One of the forts in Malvan Tehsil. Situated about 40 km from Malvan and 10-12 km from Kankavli, this fort belongs to Shivaji era. Lovers should spare some time for visiting this fort in their intinery of Sindhudurg Fort. This fort has seven cannons on it, which are built in the inverse position. Ramgad fort has got much significance in the history. In those days, the fame, power and bravery of the king was determined by the number of forts he used own or rule. Logistically, this fort held an important position in the supply chain for materials, men, and food artillery from Vijaydurg to Sindhudurg.

In 1862, the walls were in a dilapidated state. There was no garrison and no water. There were 21 guns and 106 cannon balls all old and useless. [Gov. List of Civil Forts, 1862.]

Ramgad surrendered to the British on the 6th of April 1818.

Places of Interest 
Except a towered wall leading to a reservoir, there are no defences. The walls about 18' high, ten feet thick, and more than 700 yards in circumference, have fifteen small towers most of them with three embrasures.

The west gateway is an eight feet wide and fifteen feet long passage, lined with stone steps between the fort wall and a tower about 18' high and 18' in diameter.

Inside the fort are the commandant's house, and an interesting ruined temple about thirty-six yards square.


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