Gomaji Naik

Gomaji Naik ( Great Warrior & Advisor ) 

Gomaji Naik Pansambal was a renowned warrior and military adviser in the army of Shivaji

Gomaji was deputed by Lakhuji Yadavrao to look after Jijabai. He remained with Jijabai and Shivaji throughout his life. He was a master of sword. But most important is that he advised Shivaji in making certain crucial decisions which had far reaching effects on the character of the Maratha empire as such.

When Shivaji was a novice, a troop of Pathans had come to Shivaji requesting enrollment in his service. Shivaji was a little hesitant, but Gomaji advised him to take them into the service. This resulted in the secular character of the Maratha Empire.

He also taught swordsmanship to Shivaji, especially the lance, the characteristic Maratha weapon.

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