Hambirrao Mohite

Hambirrao Mohite (Sarnaubat)  

Hambirrao real name Hansaji mohite. Sarnaubat of maratha Amry after Prataprao Gujar. 

In the battle of Nesari, maratha army was shattered & their moral was down as they had lost their great leader Prataprao gujar.

Bahlol Khan was overpowering Maratha contingent & was pushing them to big defeat. Thats when Hambirrao took charge, With his own contingent he attacked Bahalol.

Hambir-rao boosted the moral of Maratha army & with his bravery as well as great understanding of warfare, he converted the defeat into glorious victory. This victory helped maratha army gain their confidence.

On 18th April 1674, when Shivaji went to Chiplun, to meet his contingent in Kokan region, He awarded Hansaji Mohite with the Honour "Hambirrao", & also promoted him as new Sarnaubat (Cheif of Army). 

In 1677, Hambirrao lead the attack on Gadag, He defeated Adilshahi officer of koppal district "Husenkhan"
He accompanied Shivaji in his deccan expedition. Hambirrao also guided Sambhaji in his period.

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