Hiroji Farjand

Hiroji Farjand (Officer in Cavalary)  

Hiroji was with Shivaji since very early days. Accompanied Shivaji in his first Invasion of Kokan. Hiroji had gone to Agra as Shivaji's escort. When Shivaji was seized in Agra by Aurangzeb, he sent most of his men away but kept Hiroji along with him.

When Shivaji made a clever escape from Agra, He asked Hiroji to lay down on his bed. Hiroji was then covered with blanket, while only his hand visible.

He had wore gold bracelet of Shivaji. Mughal troops on patroling could only see the bracelet & thought that Shivaji is sleeping.  This allowed Shivaji, escape smoothly from Agra.

After a while, Hiroji went out of the room & told the doorkeeper that he is going to buy some medicins for his master & escaped. 

It was Hiroji's courage & cunning which made the operation successful.

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