Jiva Mahala

Jiva Mahala ( Swordsman ) 

This expert swordsman played most crucial role in battle of Pratapgad. He was Shivaji's bodyguard when Shivaji went at the base of Pratapgad to meet Afzalkhan. It was Jiva's responsibility to safeguard his master from every attempt of treachery.

When Afzalkhan tried to Kill Shivaji with his khanjir, Shivaji stabbed Afzal with baghnak & dagger(Bichwa). Afzal cried Dagah (Treachery).. On hearing this, his bodyguard Sayyed banda rushed in the tent & attacked Shivaji. In his first strike he broke the helmet Shivaji was wearing underneath the Jiretope. but before Sayyed could take the next strike Jiva slashed his arm & killed Sayyed.

Jiva saved his master & then escorted him to Pratapgad safely. He also played an important role in battle of Pratapgad against Afzal's army.

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