Maynaak Bhandari

Maynaak Bhandari ( Officer in Navy )

Maynak Bhandari was originally from southern kokan region. He was Shivaji's one of earliest follower when Shivaji invaded kokan region for the first time.

Maynak had great knowledge of western coast & hence played very important role in many battles in Kokan. Maynak handled situation at Khanderi when British troops of Mumbai were trying to conquer the island.

Maynak played very important role in conquest of Suvarndurg. In this battle he was accompanied by hie nephew. His nephew was killed in the battle but dispite this incidence, maynak continued the fighting & finally Suvarndurg was included in Swarajya.

Maynak was given contingent of 3000 troops to control activities of siddi of Janjira.

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