Moropant Pingle

Moropant Pingle (Peshwe) 

Moropant Trimbak Pingle, also known as Moropant Peshwa was the first Peshwa (Prime Minister) in the court of Shivaji, who founded the Maratha empire in western India.

In 1647, Moropant joined the efforts of Shivaji in establishing the Maratha kingdom. He was one of the warriors who participated in the successful 1659 battle of Shivaji's forces against the forces of Vijapur's adil Shah which immediately followed the killing of Adilshah's general Afzalkhan by Shivaji during their one-on-one meeting at Jawali. He also participated in the battles at the Trimbakeshwar Fort and at Wani-Dindori against the Mughal forces. He participated in Shivaji's invasion of Surat in 1664.

Moropant introduced sound revenue administration in Shivaji's regime, and played an important role in resource planning concerning defenses and maintenance of strategic forts. He was responsible for the construction of Pratapgad. At the time of Shivaji's death, Moropant Pingle was working as a supervisor to control fort development activity in Nashik District for Salher-Mulher Forts. He also participated along with Sambhaji in the battle of Burhanpur during 1681.

Moropant died in 1683, three years after Shivaji.

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