Sambhaji Kavaji

Sambhaji Kavaji  ( Mahaldar )

Full name Sambhaji Kavaji. Sambhaji was very brave warrior of Maratha infantry.  Sambhaji played very important role in conquest of Javali. Shivaji maharaj new well that without finishing Hanumant More, Javali's victory wont be complete, so Sambhaji was sent to talk to Hanumant More. Sambhaji pretended that he wants to marry Hanumant's daughter & arranged secret meeting with him. In this meeting he killed Hanumant More & marathas claimed complete right over Javali.

Sambhaji accompanied Shivaji maharaj at the time of meeting with Afzalkhan. Shivaji maharaj attacked Afzalkhan with tiger claw, but he escaped & his bodyguard Sayyed Banda provided him time to do so. Afzalkhan was trying to sit in his palaquin & run away but before his men could lift him up, Sambhaji thrashed the carrier men & then separated Afzal's head from his body.. 

Sambhaji then carried this head to Pratapgad as symbol of Maratha gallantry.


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