Sarjerao Jedhe

Sarjerao Jedhe ( Warrior in Cavalary ) 

Sarjerao was a brave warrior in Shivaji's cavalary.
Sarjerao displayed great courage in battle of Pratapgad, when Maratha army thrashed Bijapuri troops after Afzal Khan was killed.

Sarjerao was part of great mission 'night attack on Shaista Khan',  Sarjerao was present on the other bank of river with his contingent to provide reinforcement to Shivaji in case of failure of original plan.

Around october 1664, Bijaouri vassal Khawas Khan attacked kudal in kokan region. Shivaji himself lead the mission of attacking Khawas Khan. Again in this battle, Sarjerao played important role & recieved admiration from his master for his great deeds.

Sarjerao had gone to Agra with Shivaji & Sambhaji. After the failure of attack on Fonda in 1674, Shivaji himself lead a mission of conquering Fonda in 1675. Sarjerao yet again played crucial role in seige of Fonda.
This mission was great success & maratha troops captured the fort. Sarjerao was chosen for Shivaji expedition to Bhaganagar.

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mahesh khavnekar said...

Hello sir, I'm bit curious about There is fort name sarjekot in sarjekot village, malvan, Maharashtra. Is there any relation with his name ?

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