Shiva Kashid

Shiva Kashid (Shiva Nhavi) 

Shiva Kashid better known as Shiva Nhavi. He was barber by profession, & look alike of Shivaji.
When Shivaji was besieged in Panhala & he made a plan to escape from the fort, Shiva happily accepted the job of pretending that he is Shivaji.

He along with few men descended down the fort & tried to escape from seige in such a manner that he will get noticed.

He was well aware that Bijapuri troops on seige would caught him & kill him, still he did this to save his king.
Bijapuri troops caught him & they felt they have caught Shivaji. They took Shiva to Siddi & whole camp was happy that Shivaji was arrested so easily.

The siege got relaxed & real Shivaji could escape without knowing in which direction he had gone.
When Siddi realised that the person caught is not Shivaji but his look alike he stabbed Shiva with anger.
This great sacrifies of Shiva saved the maratha king. 

One can see Shiva Kashid's statue on Panhalgad as memory of his bravery.

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