Sonopant Dabir

Sonopant Dabir ( Diplomat )  

One of the very important diplomat of Shivaji, was serving Bhosle family from the times of Shahaji. When Shahaji was sent to Karnataka, by Ahemad Adilshah, Shahaji sent Sonopant to help Jijabai & Shivaji in administrative work of Pune & Supe region.

He provided great guidance to Shivaji in early days of swarajya. In 1658, when Afzalkhan arrested Shahaji & was planning to kill him, Sonopant travelled to delhi & convince Shahjahan about Adilshah's wrong intensions. As a result of his great diplomatic tactics, Shahjahan put pressure on Adil shah to release Shahaji immedietly.

In 1660, Sonopant was selected as envoy to open discussions with Shaistakhan, who was new mughal subhedar of deccan then.

Shivaji honoured sonopant by weighing him with silver as appreciation of his hardwork & honesty.

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