Tanaji Malusure

Tanaji Malusure ( Subhedar )   

Tanaji was gallant officer of maratha infantry. This brave maratha from umarthe village was childhood friend of Shivaji maharaj. Tanaji accompanied Shivaji maharaj since very early missions of Swarajya. Be it conquest of northern Konkan or kondhana. He also played important role in war against Shirke when Shirke tried to attack maratha garrison in the night. After Shivaji maharaj's great escape from Agra, when he decided to take all the surrender forts back from Mughal. Maharaj decided to start the mission with conquest of Kondhana which is a strong hill fort near Pune. Tanaji visited Shivaji maharaj to invite him for his son's marriage but when he heard that Shivaji maharaj himself plans to go on kondhana mission, he said let me first complete this sacred work for kingdom then only I will do my family functions. In the dark night Tanaji with his handful troops climbed rock patch of Kondhana without mughal garrison noticing it. He & his troops surprised mughals & opened main door of Kondhana for remaining troops who were ready to attack. While fighting with Udebhan, the killedar of Kondhana, Tanaji had to sacrifice his life, but he proved the real inspiration to his troops & even after his death, under leadership of his younger brother Suryaji maratha troops conquered the fort successfully.

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