Yesaji Kank

Yesaji Kank ( Sardar ) 

This brave maratha from village called Bhutonde near Rajgad was with Shivaji from very early days. When Shivaji took oath of Independence in Rohideshwar, Yesaji was with him. He witnessed entire period of Shivaji's 35 year war against mughal & Adilshahi invaders.

Yesaji was involved in the  battle of Torna & Rajgad.

After Shivaji's death, Yesaji even guided Sambhaji & even participated in Sambhaji attacked Fonda. He recieved award of 2000 huns in his bravery in this battle.

When Shivaji went on deccan expedition, Yesaji accompanied him. In meeting with Tanashah, Tanashah asked Shivaji why maratha army has no elephants. On this Shivaji replied my each man can overpower an elephant. To prove words of his king, Yesaji jumped into the field and took on an elephant. He fought with elephant alone and made him run away from ground.

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