Type : Coastal Fort
Region : Konkan
Height : 100
Base Village : Masure

The fort was built about the same time as Bharatgad Fort (1701), by Bavdekar, the rival of Phond Savant.

After some resistance, it was taken by the British in 1818 (April-May).

[AS. Jour VI. 320. The particulars of the capture are thus detailed: A detachment of the IVth Rifles, arriving on the 29th of March, was during the night employed in raising batteries, which were opened the next morning at daybreak. As it was found impossible to effect a breach across the river, two columns of the detachment under the command of Captains Gray and Pearson were ordered to cross at different passes to take the place by escalade. The garrison, on seeing that the troops had crossed, abandoned the fort. It was taken about ten o'clock on that day. Service Record of H. M's IVth Rifles, 22.]

How to Reach 
Bhagvantgad Fort (Malvan T.), in Masure village and across, the creek from Bharatgad, has an area of about one and a half acres. There are no wells in the fort nor is it inhabited bv the people. It is in a dilapidated condition.

Places of Interest 
There is an ancient temple in the fort. In a temple is a sacred stone, a pointed rock jutting through the floor, and apparently the peak of the hill.


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