Type:Hill Fort

Vaghera is one of the sixteen fortified places that surrendered to Colonel McDowell's force on the fall of Trimbak in 1818.

When it was taken by the Britishers it had a large quantity of ammunition and stores The water-supply in the fort is ample.

Places of Interest 
The way up the fort is steep and difficult. It leads to two gateways, the outer of which has two bastions. Both the gates as well as the bastions are in disrepair.

Captain Briggs found many thatched huts for the garrison but not a single bomb-proof for ammunition and provision.

How to Reach
Vaghera, about 37 km. (23 miles) north-west of Nasik, is a fort and hill-station 1,161.90 metres (3,812 feet) above sea­-level. It differs from most of the Nasik forts in its waving and coni­cal shape, and being almost all covered with grass except on the west where there is a steep descent. Captain Briggs who visited Vaghera in 1818 rode almost to the foot of the fort without any difficulty. Here he found a few houses occupied by a part of the garrison. Today only a few remnants of those houses are seen. 

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