Indrai Fort

Type:Hill Fort

In the 1818 campaign, the burning of the neighbouring fort of Rajdhair so terrified the garrison that they abandoned the fort without a struggle.

Places of Interest 
. The only object of interest on the hill are some caves and sculptures. These caves have fallen into decay due to lack of care and are used by the shepherds. Cattle also resort to these caves during the rains.

Below the foot of the steps leading to the rock is a Persian inscription. Time has rendered the inscription almost illegible.

How to Reach
Indrai, also known as Indragiri fort, 4,526 feet (1,379.52 metres) above the sea and lying 6.43 km. (four miles) north­west of Chandor on the Roura pass, is a small tower which was dis­mantled by Captain Mackintosh in 1818. The approach to the fort is difficult.

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