Jivdhan Fort

Type:Hill Fort
Base Village:Ghatghar

In 1633-34, One kid named Murtuza from Nizamshah clan was imprisoned on this difficult to reach fort. Shahaji attacked the fort & took him away to Pem & declared him as Nizamshah there.  The fort was very important as one can keep watch on Kokan in west & ghat region on east.  It was the guardian of Naneghat

Places of Interest 
On reaching at top of the fort, one can see a water tank. It’s a drinking water & very sweet in taste. One can find a temple of fort goddess on the way to the top. There is big carved cave near this temple. There was a staircase in western side of the fort to reach the top. But it was destroyed by British troops in 1820

How to Reach
This fort is on the top of famous Naneghat. Naneghat was a tax collection post built by Satvahan kings.  The fort is 25-30 Kms away from Junnar. Way to the fort goes through base village Ghatghar. One has to travel some distance through dense forest to reach the track which leads to Jivdhan. One has to take big steps carved in rocks which cover 500 feet height. After these steps one has to cross rock patch (similar to one before rajgad balekilla) of around 50 feet.

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