Koldher Fort

Type:Hill Fort

Koledhair was one of the seventeen strong places that surrendered to the British after the fall of Trimbak in 1818.

Places of Interest 
The wall and the door in the fort have fallen into decay. There are, however, good rock-cut granaries and store-houses.

How to Reach
Koledhair Fort on the Chandor range, about 6.43 km. (four miles) west of Rajdhair fort and 11.26 km. (seven miles) north-west of Chandor, was described by Captain Briggs, who visited it in 1818, as a poor stronghold, hardly deserving the name of a fort. It is large but easy of ascent. The water­-supply is deficient. When Captain Briggs visited the fort he found seven of the Peshva’s militia in the fort.

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