Korigad Fort

Type:Hill Fort
Base Village:Ambivali , Peth-Shahapur

Shivaji Maharaj brought this fort in Swarajya along with Lohgad, Visapur, Tung and Tikona in 1657.  On March 11, 1818, Col. Prother invaded this fort but could not succeed even after prolonged fighting. Finally he succeeded on 14th March, by dropping a cannon ball where the ammunition was stored.

Places of Interest 
Koraigad appears like a wall from Peth Shahpur. On the top of the fort is a huge plateau. While coming up from the Peth-Shahpur route, we come across many caves, some cisterns and an idol of lord Ganesh.  After entering the Ganesh Darwaaja (Peth Shahpur route), we can see the remnants of the old buildings. Here we can see the temple of Goddess Korai Devi. This temple has been renovated recently. The idol of Korai Devi is around 4 feet high. There are many bastions on the Southern side of the fort. There are 6 cannons on this fort. Of these, the biggest cannon named Laxmi lies next to the Korai Devi temple. There are two more temples on the fort.  There are two large water tanks on this fort and ahead of them are two caves. Here we can see the idol of lord Vishnu holding the Conch, Discus, Mace and Lotus flower. 

How to Reach
Korigad is a famous hill fort in Pune District. It is at an altitude of 3050 feet in the Lonavala region. The base village of the fort is Peth-Shahpur or Ambivali.  One can go to Ambivali via bus / train & from this village its very easy climb. 

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